Glass is a fascinating material to both live and work with.  When colours and textures are combined to make pieces for display in the home or garden, surprising things happen.  A piece can look completely different in the early morning light  to the way it appears in warm Autumn evening sun.  The colours from the glass may even trace across the room as the sun rises and falls throughout the day.  I do believe that in the 21st Century there is still room for architectural and decorative glass objects in our lives that  capture and reflect the changing seasons and delight in much the same way as glass has done through past centuries.

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Angela Townsend, Watford, Hertfordshire
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About Red Hen Glass
My name is Angela Townsend and I have worked with glass for a number of years producing work for commissions, small gift items and the pleasure of exploring and working with glass.  
Based in Hertfordshire, I am able to undertake work within the North London, Northants, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas.
Inspiration for the pieces I make comes from the garden, nature, mathematics,  historical embroideries, ancient prints and the magical colours and textures of the glass itself.  My aim is to create original designs to suit the individuals that commission the work and who share the joy of this most ancient of crafts.  
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